Everything that led to the launch of Soviet/Paper is pure happenstance. We discovered vintage Soviet movie posters on a trip to Tbilisi and fell in love with their unique character, wild artwork and ephemeral quality. Our mission is to discover amazing film, propaganda, travel and other posters from the former Soviet Union and ensure that they're protected for future generations.

We've purchased well over 100 posters since we discovered the hobby and can't possibly enjoy them all, so we're making most available for purchase. What we ask is that you only purchase them if you're planning to enjoy them today or help preserve them for the future. Some posters are rare and valuable while others are much more accessible, but our hope is that all are maintained responsibly so that the art and history lives on.

About Soviet Posters:

There's so much to say about Soviet posters, but what struck us first is that it's a wonder that so many examples survived such a difficult history. The Soviet Union was a particularly harsh place to live and went through unthinkable hardship. Two devastating world wars, two revolutions, a terrifying dictator who killed tens of millions of his own people, endless shortages of basic goods (paper included - more on that later) and a daily grind that destroyed the spirit of so many.

Despite the oppression and difficulty that Soviet citizens faced they produced incredible art that continues to captivate today. We're putting together a section of Soviet/Paper that's dedicated to the history of Soviet Posters. In all likelihood it will take us a long time to write, but we'll do our best to highlight what we find most interesting.

About Us:

We're a husband and wife team and were both born in the former Soviet Union, in Ukraine and Russia respectively. While our heritage certainly plays a part in our passion for finding and preserving Soviet posters the bottom line is that we just love the art and stories.